ARI at Doğuş Plaza Project in Maslak

Doğuş Real Estate Investment and Management Inc.'s Doğuş Maslak Office Building Project with a 45,717 m² construction area in Maslak with 21 floors was built with fire extinguishing systems.


 ARI at NIDAPARK Project

Nidapark Besiktas, Ari Fire preferred fire fighting systems.

Our company took part in the project with fire pump group and water extinguishing systems.


TEKFEN Fire Extinguishing Systems in Kağıthane Ofispark Project

Our company took part in Kağıthane OfisPark project with fire pump group and water extinguishing systems.

In the pump group, an American UL listed and FM approved Fairbanks Nijhuis electric fire pump belonging to the Pentair group that we represent is used.

Butterfly valves, wet alarm valves, rising spindle valves and sprinklers used in aqueous extinguishing systems are supplied with the products of Reliable brand we are representative of.


ARI Fire Extinguishing Systems in Dumankaya Mix Project

Providing reliable pre-sales, sales and after-sales services to its customers on the principle of all fire solutions from a single door principle, Arı Fire, stands out with its vertical concept and architecture that makes a difference, the fire pump group and water extinguishing systems with equipment.

In the pump group, the UL Listed & FM approved “Fairbanks Nijhuis” fire pumps belonging to the Pentair group that we represent are used.

Reliable branded butterfly valves, wet alarm valves, rising spindle valves and sprinklers, which are one of the best brands in the world, are used in aqueous extinguishing systems.


Our Interview Published in Building Journal of Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Control Systems

This year FM200 established a filling station for gas extinguishing systems in Istanbul. Arı Yangın Vice President Tolga Tekkol; "Our goal is to get our filling station UL Approval "by taking the first one is to be in Turkey on this issue." He says.



We Equipped Kuveyt Türk Banking Base and Living Area Project with our Reliable Brand

We took part in the project with Reliable brand, which we represent in the sprinklers and valve group in aqueous extinguishing systems.

Kuveyt Türk Banking Base and Living Area, which has a construction area of 120,340 square meters, is equipped with the brands we represent in the field of fire extinguishing systems.


Umur Printing Preferred Arı Fire in Gebze Plant

We took part in the 40,000 square meter factory project of Umur Printing Company in Kocaeli Gebze Organized Industrial Zone with the UL Listed & FM Approved Fairbanks Nijhuis brand fire pump group belonging to the Pentair group that we represent.


Fire Safety in Orjin Maslak

LEED Gold certified Orjin Maslak products are used in fire extinguishing systems. In the project; fire pump group, water extinguishing systems and gas extinguishing systems.


B / S / H has preferred ARI Fire once again

BSH Home Appliances Group preferred Arı Fire in its white goods and spare parts warehouse in Selimpaşa. In the project; a large number of 1 K, K = 320 ESFR Fast Response Pendent Sprinklers were used to counter the fire risk, especially in high storage areas.


Reliable Visits Turkey

We visited the DekoGroup project company together with Michael Billstroem and Tom Goodchild, who are the representatives of Reliable, which we represent.


 ARI in Kocaeli Project

Symbol Kocaeli project, Arı Fire Protection Systems, which includes first-class products in its product range, took part in the Pentair group with the American-branded UL-listed & FM approved yangın Fairbanks Nijhuis ”branded fire pump group.